Sira’s Lullaby

Figured it was time for something mellow so I created this ballad-ish track for a RPG style of game. The whole composition is based around a pedalnote on F-sharp you hear it really softly in the background, it’s a great way to come up with ideas.

Monkey Island (8-bit Chiptune composition)

A big inspiration for me are the old 8-bit games. After all these years I can still strongly recall tunes like Mario, Zelda, Ninja Turtles, Final Fantasy etc. So here is my composition in 8bit chiptune style called ‘Monkey Island’. In total I’ve used only 5 tracks just like the NES configuration. 2x square wave (lead/support melody), 1x triangle wave (bass), 1x noise wave (drums) and 1 sample DCPM kit (drums). It’s really a challenge to come up with something interesting with the 5-track restriction but it also makes you focus on the most important thing…a good melody!

Villain-Type Character Theme

It’s always great fun to compose a theme for a villain-type character. With the odd time signature (7/8) and a chromatic melody lead-line I’ve tried to create a composition which suits this little fella. Also notice the ‘pew pew pew’ sound from his blaster.

The Secret Vow

‘The Secret Vow’ is an original composition I created in october 2016. I’ve worked on it for 7 days and I gave myself a goal to create 1 minute of music each day. No more no less. It’s a really nice way to work! The music sticks with you even when you’re not behind your composing desk and when the next day kicks in you can start right away with new ideas and concepts.

Score Wars

As a big Star Wars fanboy I admire the work of John Williams, after removing the audio from this Episode 7 trailer I got inspired to create my own score for this great movie.